June 16, 2019
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    Social Registry for Government social welfare programmes

    April 23, 2018

    As per an initiative taken by the Ministry of National Policies & Economic Affairs in 2015, the Department of Project management & Monitoring (DPMM) took has taken steps to develop a social registry, which is a Management Information System (MIS) on social welfare programmes implemented under the Government of Sri Lanka.

    This MIS has been developed by Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) with the coordination and support from DPMM and Policy Development Office of the Prime Minister’s Office. Currently the system contains information related to beneficiaries of 24 welfare programmes under 12 Government institutions funded by the Government.

    All the District level demographic information of the beneficiaries are available for access by the public on http://socialregistry.gov.lk/. Currently steps are being taken to eliminate the duplicated data entered in the system.

    This system will be beneficial to the policy makers in developing evidence-based policies for social empowerment and also in designing better welfare programmes for the vulnerable groups in the society.

    Further it is expected that this system will reduce the welfare cost of the Government by eliminating the duplication of beneficiaries. Also, it is expected to utilize the information collected under the social registry to further develop the Sri Lanka’s social protection programme under the Social Safety Nets Project (SSNP) funded by the World Bank under the Ministry of Finance.

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