August 26, 2019
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    Sri Lanka and South Korea should join together in promoting more bilateral trade, said Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea to Sri Lanka, Heon Lee. Currently, the total trade is around US$ 352 million, while Sri Lanka exports are only USD 52 million.The Ambassador said the two countries should try to increase this figure as there is a tremendous potential to increase this. Questioned as to why Korean entrepreneurs are not investing in Sri Lanka, he said that one issue was lack of skilled labour. “This is the reason why most of the Korean investments have gone to Vietnam, Indonesia and China.”He also said that there were many investors especially in the apparel sector in the in Sri Lanka in the 1990s, but they had moved out to China.

    The surveillance system (CCTV) surrounding Colombo will be technically developed in future, said the DIG Ajith Rohan.The CCTV system which is being used now is 10years old, and DIG further said that CCTV cameras will be develop to identify the vehicle's number plate clearly and getting a clear view of the driver's face.There are about 103 cameras being used within Colombo.

    Showers or thundershowers will occur in Western, Central, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and North-western provinces. Light showers may occur in Anuradhapura district. Showers or thundershowers will occur at a few places in Uva province and in Ampara and Batticaloa districts after 2.00 pm. fairly heavy falls about (50-75) mm are likely at some places in Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Central provinces. Wind speed can be increased up to 50 kmph at times in Northern and North-central provinces and in Puttalam, Trincomalee and Hambantota districts There may be temporary localized strong winds during thundershowers. General public is kindly requested to take adequate precautions to minimize damages caused by lightning activity. On the apparent southward relative motion of the sun, it is going to be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka during 27th of August and 07th of September in this year. The nearest towns of Sri Lanka over which the sun is overhead tomorrow (27th) are Nayinativu, Allaipiddi, Mandaitivu, Kilali, Pallai and Marutadikulam about 12.13 noon.

    A new approach is needed to understand what attracts some young people to violent extremist groups such as those supporting radical Islam or far-right nationalism. Today the world is troubled by flashpoints of civil strife tearing apart countries from within and outside.

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